Meditation Group

Healing Meditation group: Not just an ordinary meditation 

Benefits:Meditating in Nature

    • Lower stress levels


    • Learn mindfulness


    • Learn focused breath work


    • Techniques for calming own self


    • Assist in healing old emotions


    • Develop & hone intuitive abilities


    • Increase your own body awareness


    • Learn how to discern which emotions are yours & others


    • How to balance & clear the chakra’s


  • Learn grounding technique

What to expect during meditation:

I facilitate a mindfulness meditation, coupled with a variety of psychic & healing modalities, to empower you to heal & grow spiritually by clearing the mind, bring awareness & healing to body, and deepening a connection with your own higher self (inner guru).


This class is not silent the whole hour, the beginning is always silent and the end is as well, but there is guidance typically in the middle. I am guided by my higher self; so I never really knows what the agenda of the evening is until everyone shows up.

My experience has shown that my higher self will guide me through specific exercises that are perfect and right for everyone in the room. These meditations are EMPOWERING for you to know yourself on a level that they may not have never known before and to explore tools that will help you in your daily practice at home.


Examples of modalities I use: guided imagery,  body awareness, tools to clear your own chakra’s, develop your third eye, and much much more..


Contact me to sign up for my class.


Looking forward to hearing from you!