Energy Healing

Since 1997, I have studied various modalities including Reiki, shamanism, Laser Reiki, Ho’oponopono, Savior’s Fire (angelic healing), Body Talk and Emotion code.

In 2009,  I also started incorporating sound healing and crystals in my sessions. Sound work has become part of the major work I do in sessions.

I see myself as a multi-dimensional healer. This means, I pull from my knowledge of the various energy medicine modalities and incorporate them in the sessions as dictated by what your body is needing.  I work in the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual realms of your energy system. During the healing, I hold the space for your system to shed the old patterns that it’s ready to let go of and allow the divine energy to flow in to restore your energy system back to a balanced state. No session is ever the same.

You can benefit from this energy healing! I work with adults, children, and babies.

Plus, it can easily be integrated to support ANY other health care modalities to increase the effectiveness and promote even faster healing.

The SUCCESS of  my energy healing comes from the following components:

1) Setting goals & have clear intentions for each session;

1) Holding a safe space where trust is cultivated & respect is established;

2) Creating an energy BALANCE in the body that induces the body’s own innate restorative powers, thus it does NOT diagnosis;

3) It’s comprehensive, working in physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual realms;

4) Integration of supportive materials or outside resources to solidify the changes that were made

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