Cost of Energy Healing



**1 hour Crystal bed combined with an energy healing session & Coaching

“full- session:” $125.00.

**This is an intensive session. I consider this two sessions in one. Therefore, I will need to speak to you prior to booking this appt to ensure you physically, emotionally, and spiritually can assimilate this treatment.


**1.5 hour Crystal bed combined with an energy healing session & Coaching “full- session”: $180.00.

Same as the session above except there is at least 30 minutes more spent on the intuitive coaching. This session is geared towards NEW clients and returning clients that are wanting more support in their journey.


I accept cash, checks and credit cards; Please make checks payable to Heidi Crain or Blooming Heart Healing Arts.  I charge a $5.00 convenience fee for using a credit card.

Contact me to set up your appointment today!

Payment plans are available; Please contact me to discuss payment options if you are experiencing economic hardship. I have a limited amt of slots per month for those experiencing economic hardship.

**The time scheduled for you is reserved exclusively for you. If you do not keep the appointment, no one else will be able to use the time. Therefore, I ask that you please give 24 hour’s notice if you need to cancel an appointment. If you do not call or email within 24 hours you will be billed $40.00 for the session, unless of course, there was extenuating circumstances. If you cancel a second time, I will bill you the full amount for the session.